The importance of pictures ~ a story about my Dad’s legacy

I want to share with you a personal story that landed on my lap this morning. Back in 2008 I was living in Prince George, BC, that was the year my Dad sold the logging portion of his company. He had asked me to go to the auction to take some final pictures of his trucks before they sold, which I did. That year for Christmas I gave him this picture. I think it was the only time I had ever hit the nail on the head when giving him a gift, I remember him holding it and looking at it often throughout the night, and then he hung in his “office” where it still hangs today.

Yesterday my mom got a visit from our longtime neighbours and family friends Charlie and Lucille Belsham. Charlie and Lucille had just been enjoying their retirement with a trip to the Island driving up the highway toward Campbell River when they spotted this truck. Charlie flagged him down to pull of the HWY and took this picture to share with my mom. Apparently the driver had just bought it 2 hours before, but not only was it just so amazing to see a John Vala truck rolling down the Hwy so far from home but this is the exact same truck I had gifted my dad with as a picture 12 years ago. #628, and man she still looks good!

My dad keeps showing up in unexpected places to remind us that he is all around us and his legacy will keep on “trucking” on! Thanks for the ugly cry this morning Mom, I needed it.

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