what is an Art Portrait session exactly?

Art vs Portrait Sessions

Art sessions

Art portraits are shot with the end product being a one of a kind wall portrait, like if you were to have your portrait painted. These are highly stylized, often themed sessions with extra creative editing. Think of it like you are a character in a movie and we have one image to create to tell the story of that movie.

Almost all of my art sessions are shot in studio and I create the backgrounds in photoshop. The sky is the limit on what we can create in this style, if we can imagine it we can create it.

Portrait Sessions

Portrait sessions can be in studio or on location, where we shoot for a variety of poses and perhaps multiple outfits. Outfit and location create the mood or tell the story for these images and in the end you will have a larger collection of images to choose from.

How Art Portraits are made

First we start with an idea for a character, then we create a story around that character.

We will create a costume for our characters and act out their parts.

Then I will gather the pieces and parts of other images and create the scene our character lives in.

Art portraits are for anyone, we can do individuals, couples, families you just need to be willing to step outside of reality and into what ever world we wish to create.

Don't have an idea of your own? Don't worry I will help you brainstorm something that will reflect your personality.

Why be ordinary when extraordinary is so much more fun!

First we gather the pieces of the puzzle

Then we create our character

and put it all together


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