I'm Sherry Penner

When I was 18 I asked my father if I could go to art college he quoted a popular commercial slogan and said to me "Artists starve, Lawyers drive big cars." I took that as a yes and headed off to art college. Two things I learned about myself there was; I was a small town girl at heart and city life in a big advertising firm would not make me happy, and that I could not draw! But I found photography.


When the digital age of photography came upon us I discovered I could indeed create the artistic images that floated around in my head as real as I wanted with photography and photoshop.


This is my unique style of photography, a mix of art and portraiture. My mission is to create for you, one of a kind images that you will proudly display in your home. Images that tell your story, celebrate those milestones, bring you joy and lift you up.



cheers, Sherry

Love your life, take pictures of everything,

tell people you love them,

Talk to random strangers,

do things that scare you.

Take your life and

make it the best story in the world.

The Latest stories

behind the portraits



My studio is located in Blackfalds, Alberta.

Serving Central Alberta and Beyond