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Today I get to share with you Sharla’s story. Sharla is my aunt, so it’s special to me that she was a part of this project. She is closer to my age than she is to my Mom and so we have had a different relationship than I did with my mom’s other siblings, we are more like cousins. Sharla lived in Millet, AB, way back when I was going to school at NAIT for photography and she and/or her daughters, husband and friends were often the subjects of my learning.

Sharla has always been a huge supporter of my career, my goals and my dreams, and besides my parents and my own siblings she is probably my longest running client.

I know you will think I am lying but Sharla is 53 (going on 40). These last couple of years she has taking a hard look at where she is in life, she left a 20 some year career to start a new one, she raised two daughters who are now having families of their own, she has taken a firm hold on her health both physically and mentally and she is looking forward to where ever this next stage takes her, hopefully to Scotland.

Over this last year or so Sharla has taken a very disciplined road toward her health goals. She still has trouble really seeing herself, she looks in the mirror and sees something else, I know a lot of women can relate to that. Last night I got to share her session with her and hubby, Shawn. She said she was really fighting to hold it together and can’t believe how this all turned out.

Thank you, Sharla, for being a part of this project. Hang up those pictures, look at them and enjoy them everyday, and listen to your subconscious whisper to you how beautiful you are.

Hair and Makeup; Robyn Langevin

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