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Meet Pamela, her session was really fun and obviously 50’s themed, I loved the attention she put in to all her outfits. She enjoys dressing up in theme and driving in a vintage car and enjoying life. Pam is a bit of a writer and she wanted me to include some words she wrote in this blog story. These are Pamela’s words:

1950’s women show power and strength in ways that were not even acknowledged by society. The 1950’s woman was powerful in mind, body and spirit. This was the decade of change for women. Running her home, children and a career. Many think she was only driving to please her man, but this was not the case. The 1950’s witnessed significant changes in patterns of sexual behaviour, which ultimately lead to the “sexual revolution” of the 1960’s.

Despite societal norms that encouraged women to stay in the home and out of the workplace, approximately forty percent of women with young children, and at least half of women with older children, chose to remain in the work force. We are these women who do it all. But is it was we wanted or was it an expectation?

Women in 2021 are confident beyond any sense of the word. Women are comfortable being at home working, in the corporate world, construction, trucking, travelling, or living in a tiny house off the grid raising a family. The power of women today is they are living for themselves and not for society or any man.

Having struggled for years with depression and anxiety from losing a brother to suicide, divorce, addiction, and severe work related stress, expectations from family and society; I am breaking free from the mould I thought I was supposed to be fore everyone but me.

Now at 56, a new chapter and a woman has evolved, I no longer live for others and give no expectations to anyone but me. I have created boundaries that have taken many years to form but are there for my mental health. Strong in mind, spirited and very comfortable and confident with my body yet respectful and good when I need to be.

Through the pandemic and a ton of self-reflection, and a healthy lifestyle I have been able to come out of a chrysalis and metamorphosis once again.

This next chapter is blank and is being written each day because there is no longer a future, there is only now! Here and Now! The 50’s woman (me) can work like a man, be sexy as hell and do all the domestic duties of a “50’s housewife”. Not because I can, or I am expected to by because I want to.

Nicely said, Pamela.

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