Heather K. {Fab@40+ Project} | Sherry Penner

I had so much fun with Heather. She has such a great look and it was fitting to include some edgy black and white styled images that ended up being our favourites. Heather used to have long dark hair and going from that to her very edgy natural color look is a BIG step. She had a lot of anxiety around turning 40, and one day she decided to let it all go. She says once she did that her whole outlook had changed and no more anxiety, and that is what brought her to wanting to be a part of the Fab@40+ Project. It’s interesting what things we get hung up, on that can seem like mountains to surmount, but when we finally do we see there is a whole new world on the other side of that fear. Heather is one of those people who are just easy to be around and I am happy I had the chance to meet her. Funny thing she lives just up the street from me!

Here is Heather.

Makeup: Robyn Lynn Makeup Artistry.

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