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This is Sonya. Meeting and photographing Sonya has once again shown me how much this project can mean to someone. I could tell that this was something Sonya wanted to do, and I think she had a million little voices in her head telling her why she should not but she was courageous and did it anyway. Every woman wants to be seen and to see herself as beautiful, and sexy and fun and that doesn’t go away as we get older. In fact we should show those sides of ourselves more often! Thank you Sonya for letting me share some of your more sexy images, I think it is so important for women, all the women in the Fab 40+ demographic to see themselves represented in portraits. Sexy does not belong to the youth alone it lives strong in us all and gets better with age. Like a fine wine!

Sonya has 4 grown children, and 3 of them are getting married this year! She has a lot to celebrate and I am glad she took the time to celebrate herself as well. Sonya is one of our gift sponsors, she is a Mary Kay consultant and she knows the importance of self care and feeling good about oneself. She is a lovely woman to be around and I enjoyed getting to meet her.

Here is Sonya.

Hair and Makeup: Robyn Langevin ~ Robyn Lynn Makeup Artistry

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