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red deer and central alberta portrait photographer, fine art photographyStarted making my list of goals for next year. Yes I am starting early it’s the end of November not the beginning of January but I’ve been doing The Last 90 Days Challenge (well mostly, okay loosely following along) with Rachel & Dave Hollis and a group of local ladies. For me the goal of the challenge was to keep on task, to get my online camera basics course up and running (which I did, yay me!) but also to focus HARD on what I want next year to look like and to get a jump on it.

Two things I have been thinking about are travel and learning my mirrorless camera. Last year I got a mirrorless for Xmas with the idea it would make a better travel camera than my 5DMkII (which is big and heavy and a pain to lug around while out enjoying the sights). Since I got my mirrorless (which is small and lightweight and wasn’t super expensive so therefore I worry less about it) I haven’t hardly used it at all. It’s different from my DSLR and there is some learning that needs to be done, which can be done by simply using the thing.

Sweetie and I are sneaking away from kids and responsibilities after the Xmas Hub Bub has died down, to recharge and relax. And I am determined to take better photos of our travel experiences. This is one area of my photographic journey that I have always neglected. I’m pretty sure the last time I really documented any travel was when Jamie (my sister), Mark and I travelled in Europe, which was just about 20 years ago (groan, time…..where do you go?) and you know what? it was all film for me back then. I remember getting 3 rolls developed while in Paris and it cost me $90, which was crazy expensive.

I am looking forward to learning how this new camera works. Its a beginner model and I will be doing a follow up video on how it works once I get back. I will post that video in my Camera Basics Community to be an addition to the Camera Basics Course, so those of you getting in to mirrorless and what to know how it works, look for it to be posted in the community in February.

So Cabo San Lucas fans……where should we eat? What should we do? Where should we visit?





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