Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..[Freebie attached]

It’s been snowing non stop for the last two days here in Alberta, so much so that the schools are cancelled today and it looks like there is more snow shovelling to do. I am not the biggest lover of winter, I could be if our season was shorter but 8 months of this white bliss is too long in my humble opinion. But I do love Canada and I choose to live in a wintery province (are there any other kind?) so I must learn to appreciate the beauty of all this white stuff. I will admit that there is a peace and quiet that can only be felt in the midst of a snow storm (well as long as you are safe and warm and not out driving Hwy 2).

My house is not decorated for Christmas yet, I’m usually a December 1st decorating kind of lady but we don’t have a tree yet and decided this year was a good one for a hunt for a fresh one. I love the smell of a fresh tree. We will do that this week and get the house in to the spirit of things.

Couple years ago we had a fresh tree, we call it the Crash of 2014, twice that tree fell over, once when we were out and once in the middle of the night scaring the bejeebers out of me. Broke most of my treasured ornaments, like my son’s first Christmas and the blown icicles I brought back from Italy. I am still sad about it when I open up the Christmas decoration box and remember. But all that doesn’t keep me from loving a fresh tree. This year we are head out to one of the local tree farms to hunt and chop down our own. Something we did growing up in the toolies, course tree farms didn’t exist there just real farms and real forests.

I’m planning on bringing my camera of course, and capturing some family memories. Shooting out doors in the winter can bring on some challenges, especially if its snowing or if the sun shine is out in full force. I put together a list of 10 Photography Tips for shooting outdoors in the winter. You can download a copy here: 10 Tips for Winter Shooting

Enjoy! and have a great start to your holiday season!

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