Alpha Female Contest winners were announced yesterday….

As you know a month or so ago I entered a huge grant contest with Sony Universe for the Alpha Female Residency. Yesterday they announced the 5 candidates, and sadly I was not one of them. There are a million reasons or more so excuses I can tell myself to help disguise the disappointment but if you follow my blog you will remember a few weeks ago I said that no matter what the results were I was going to start being Alpha as if I had already won.

Here is something I know to be the “TRUTH” once you sit down and write down your goals in life you program your mind to start finding ways to achieve those goals. You have two choices to wallow in the “excuses” or just start listening to the whispers that help steer you down the road that leads to those dreams. I won’t lie I was pretty disappointed yesterday, not surprised but still disappointed, but the truth is there is nothing in my “dream” plan that I cannot achieve without the help of the Sony Alpha Female grant. So my only real choice is to proceed as if I did win and make my own dreams come true.

Next year my main goal is to shoot more and more of what I want to shoot and build more on my strengths and stop worrying about those things that really don’t matter.

So the moral of the story is to take some time to sit down and write out your dream life. Get really clear on the details and then listen to the whispers that will help take you down that road.

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