It’s a busy fall here at SPP…this is what I have coming up.

If you follow me at all regularly you have seen my posts about my new online camera basics community I am about ready to launch. I have been dreaming about it morning, noon and night, for the last few months and I am excited to be able to share it with you all very soon. Most of you own a camera you don’t know how to use properly, probably you have it set to one of the automatic features and you use it hoping for the best. Sometimes it turns out great, and sometimes….not so much, but why?

I have been teaching a camera basics class for several years here at my studio and have great feed back regarding my teaching style and the content of the course. Simply explained and easy to understand. But many of you have not been able to attend my course due to other obligations or distance from my studio so I started planning to take this course to an online platform to help more people learn the basics of their cameras from the comfort of their own home on their own schedule

Even better I thought what if this course doesn’t end after the last module, what if I build a community where we can continue to learn and support each other, where I can be accessible to answer questions not matter when you joined the community, the course will grow as we grow. That is when the full vision of the SPPCBC (Sherry Penner Photography’s Camera Basics Community) was born.

Yes there are many beginner classes out there, FREE even on youtube, but I’ve watched many of them myself and often the presenter talks over your head, or moves to fast to follow. Weeding through the bad to get to the good is not worth the time…..lets just leave it on auto and move on. Don’t worry I will do the weeding for you, and present it in a way that makes sense. If you don’t understand something fully just ask, I am here to help and so is a group of your peers who have all taken the same course.

To get a feel for my teaching style, see if you might fit in to the SPPCBC, I’ll email you the FREE training module: Module One: How to focus your camera, and I will send you out a reminder when registration for the SPPCBC is OPEN.

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Second thing going on in the Studio that is coming up fast is Christmas Portrait Special Event. The Special Event will run from November 1st – 15th, daytime and evening appointments available. Pick a fun family theme; formal, fuzzy sweaters, mitts/toques/scarves, PJ’s. I have 3 shooting zones in the studio to create different looks and digital backgrounds can be added. Contact me at the studio to book: sherry@sherrypenner.com or click here and I will email you the package price list and session details.

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