Beki B | Fab@40+ Project 2023 | Sherry Penner Photography

This is Beki, she is 49 years Fabulous and turns 50 in July! I must say right off the hop that she has the nicest skin of a 40+ person I have ever seen. She credits it to vitamin C and water!

Beki is an EMS provider for 29 years, and works in overdose prevention, she is a mental health advocate and wants to be a psychiatrist. She is proud to say that she has saved countless lives, thank you Beki. She is born and raised in AB, mostly central AB, and she loves to spend time with her family. She is a mom of one and a Grandma of one little boy who lights up her life, and her two pups. She loves to cook and write poetry.

Beki has had some trauma in her life to work through, she was in a domestic violence situation, mostly verbal and phycological and later was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance. She spent 6 months in intensive therapy to work through all of that and has come out of it with a clear vision that only she can save herself. And through all of that, she says she wouldn’t change a thing, as it has brought her to who she is today. She says she looks forward to the next 50 years of discovering who Beki is now.

Most of my clients will say this is outside of their comfort zone, this project, putting yourself in front of the camera, but with Beki it was certainly true. She was so nervous, she was so quiet when she spoke I could hardly hear her, but as we went through hair and makeup she began to relax and enjoy the process. She does not see the beautiful person we saw when she walked in the studio and she kept referring to the person in the pictures as “that beautiful woman”, like a separate person not herself. When she came to the viewing she said her shoot completely changed how she views herself, she has gotten dressed up, with makeup and hair style every day since and feels great doing so. Most of us look at her and think she is a strong, gorgeous bombshell but inside her scars are deep and we often cannot really see our own beauty.

Beki joined this project to see herself through the eyes of another and I truly hope she loves who she sees looking back. Her motto in life is: “it’s okay to not be okay”

This is Beki.

HMUA Robyn Lynn Makeup Artistry

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