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This is my good friend Tamara. She has been a leading force as to why this project took off from the beginning. After being a part of my Pinup Project last fall I asked her to be the face of my advertising for the new project and she graciously agreed, then decided to join in with a full Fab session and shared it with so many people which really got it out there on social media, so I owe her a big thank you for that!

Over the last year Tamara has gone through an incredible amount of changes in her life. In a very short time her world has flipped upside down, shook her about, and flipped back up, and then after all of that she is now facing selling her home, moving from an acreage to town, her kids are leaving the nest and she finds herself at a point in life where she is on her own. Time to discover Tamara. Now that is both exciting and terrifying at the same time, right?

I want to talk a little about friendships. Mostly building friendships as adults. Man it takes time. I met Tamara through our mutual friend and fellow Fabulous 40+ Member, Erin! I joined their ball team, I needed a babysitter and Tamara’s girls took turns sitting on my kids (lol). Then the twins were a part of my first project, Series 13, and from there we continued developing our friendship over social gatherings that were few and far between. Now I would say we have reached a point in our friendship where I feel comfortable texting for no reason, joking around, speaking my mind, and when we hang out it starts up where it left off. Building adult relationships takes time, lots of time because everyone is so busy managing families and jobs and our own lives, and often they fizzle out before they can take root.

I have know Tamara now for about 4 years, in my youth a 4 year friendship would mean we were bonded at the hip for life, where you know everything about each other. But it’s harder when you are grown. It takes two parties who really want to put in the effort to make a bond as adults and Tamara has always made that effort for me. Now that we can look forward to getting out socially again I look forward to many more afternoons on the deck with cool bevies and good conversations.

Here is Tamara.

Hair and Makeup: Robyn Lynn Makeup Artistry

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