Shoot the West 2019 | The Cowboys

The first day of shooting at the John Scott Ranch at our Shoot the West 2019 workshop we were lucky enough to have a group of local cowboys there modelling for us. They were so awesome and easy to work with, and willing to replay the same scene over and over so we could all make sure we got a good shot. They stuck with us all day long as we followed them around snapping shots and asking them to move here or there or take one step back because the horses legs were quite evenly spaced. These *cowboys were troopers.

*I use the word cowboy to describe them all even tho we had Marisa along with us too. To me its a title not a gender specific word and I use it to describe the lifestyle.

So let me introduce you to the Cowboys from Day One of Shoot the West 2019.

Kenny Miller
Brad Dovell
Marisa Anderson
Wolter van der Kamp
Brad Karl

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