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Next up in the Fab@40+ Project is Erin. This one is personal for me as Erin is one of my dearest friends (so excuse me if I get a bit mushy). Like many adult friendships Erin and I first met through our kids who were in Kindergarten together. Birthday parties and school functions and baseball kept us in the same circle over these last 8 years but she really became a solid heart to heart kind of person in my life after my dad passed away coming on 5 years ago now.

After that happened I had a hard time going out to socialize, I don’t know why exactly but going out to functions caused me a lot of stress and I would find excuses not to go. Erin just started drawing me in to their tight circle of “friends we choose to be family”, and if I made excuses not to go or to leave early, she was so supportive and always extended another invitation and another and another until I became comfortable and my social anxiety lessoned. Our kids, husbands and us have become close and those relationships means the world to me.

Erin is the kind of person who shows up on your doorstep the day before you head out on a road trip with a giant bag of snacks and things to entertain the kids, takes care of your garden and picks up your packages off your door step and always finds ways to support you in what ever endeavour you are undertaking. And she has done this for me many many times.

Most people come in to this project nervous never having done a professional photo shoot of their own before. Erin has been in my studio a couple times with her family, and like most moms takes the back seat putting family first. To say this is out of Erin’s comfort zone is a bit of an understatement, she was very nervous. Truth be told I have never really seen Erin wear her hair curly or wear make up even, maybe some mascara. She works in a professional environment so suits are more her style but she was still brave enough to glam up and do this to celebrate herself and her hard earned achievements.

Over this last year Erin has put her mind to her health and fitness goals and I have watched her crush them. She is a true inspiration by quiet example! Erin you look amazing, you have worked so hard and continue to do so and it shows in everything you do, you’re shining bright my friend! Thank you for being in my life.

Hair and Makeup: Robyn Langevin https://www.facebook.com/robynlynnmua

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