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Ever since I was in photography school and I started learning about lighting I have always noticed in movies when lighting was spectacular. At first I couldn’t even enjoy a good show anymore because I was so caught up with noticing light. Without light there cannot be a photograph. To be honest tho my mind lately has not been on photography because somehow I allowed myself to become completely engulfed in the final season of Game of Thrones.

Many are of course I am not alone but what surprises me is that I wasn’t before. I have watched all the seasons as they have come out and enjoyed them but wasn’t all consumed by it. As season 8 was about to be released I decided to rewatch all the seasons from the start. Oh boy I should have known better because when I binge watch a show two things happen either I get bored with it or I become so involved with the characters I can’t stop till it’s done, and then sometimes I have to rewatch my favourite parts. This has happened to me three other times, the first time I ever binged watched a show was Prison Break, but I have also lost myself to Downton Abbey and Peaky Blinders, by losing myself I mean I can hardly think of anything else until its over.

I confess I have been living in Westeros for the past month. This final season has been the best of times and the worst of times. I want it to end, I don’t want it to end. It’s an emotional rollercoaster for certain. So I though today’s blog might be fun to begin a discussion on what might happen, what do you think so far of Season 8?

I was in dread until the Long Night was over, then relieved that there were many characters still alive, and I rejoiced in how well the ones who died…died. I was not disappointed, as a fan and a watcher of light. The scenes have been stunning in choreography, lighting and well just about everything in my opinion.

I love seeing the characters stories round out, come full circle, how they have grown from the beginning, how they have changed. Rewatching the series from the start reminded me of so much I had forgotten, did anyone else rewatch from the beginning? Its epic. Characters I hated at the beginning I now have a completely different opinion of. Like Theon, The Hound and Jamie.

Love just love that Jamie and Brianne came together. Do I think they will live happily ever after, no, but it gives me hope for Jamie shaking lose from Cerci’s clutches. I do still hate Cerci tho, but to be fair every good story needs a good villain and I can certainly see how she has become a product of her environment so its kind of hard to blame her for who she has become. And again to be honest, I don’t think she would be all that bad of a Queen if no one was apposing her.

My predictions for the end? I am probably going to be all sorts of wrong on this one, but I think there will be one main character from each house still standing the rest dead or scattered. I don’t think Jon or Danny will be on the throne, I think he will end up North of the Wall with the Wildlings or dead, but not on the throne. I think the kingdoms will all go back to having their own ruler like they did before the Targarian Rule. I think Sansa will be Queen of the North. I think Arya will die, or vanish off alone in the world to serve the Many Faces God, I kind of hope Gendry goes with her but that seems a little to “lovely”. Tyrian….I don’t know, if the writers want to shock us he will die, if so Cerci will kill him, or perhaps Verys, not sure what happens to Cerci but I hope she dies at the hands of Jamie…..but I doubt that to, he won’t be able to do it, especially if she’s pregnant. And Danny? They seem to be turning her in to the Mad Queen, I hope not but its pretty clear she won’t be marrying her nephew so if I want him to live, and I do, then she probably won’t. As an aside, I hope Braun gets High Garden:)

Anywhoo, that’s me being a cinematic nerd. What are your predictions?

After watching Episode 4 I have this to add:

#gameofthrones Jon is one of my favourite characters but I have to say this, he will not make a good king. The day to day of sitting on the throne and dealing with the people is not his strength. I also don’t like that they seem to be turning Danny in to a Mad Queen because I don’t think that’s typical of her character. When it has come to the greater good of the people she has always chosen the people.
Danny was never my fav character and I didn’t want her to be queen until season 7 when she backed the fight against the Night King. The feminist in me is really riled up seeing all she built to come to the aid of her countrymen only in the eleventh hour have it given to a man because “having a cock counts”.

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