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Next week I head out for a little self discovery, I will be attending the Shoot the West photography clinic with Scott Baxter in Southern Alberta for a two day shoot on the theme of The Wild West. I am pretty excited to get out and shoot, I have been needing something different to feed my creativity monster.

I am not sure exactly what to expect from this clinic. Cowboys, sets, authentic props, buffalo, horses, old buildings, sweeping landscapes…. My matriarchal roots run deep in western culture, I grew up on a working ranch and spent a few of my early adult years there finding myself before I moved on to become a suburbanite. Alberta has a rich western heritage and I am super excited to reimburse myself in it. I cannot wait to see it all through the lens of my camera.

I don’t have any set ideas of what I want to capture. I simply aiming at documenting the days as best I can, getting as much of the details as well as developing my skills and building my library for composite work in the future. If I get a solid body of work I would love to explore the idea of publishing a picture book of the project and adding to my Fine Art gallery.

Its been a while since I got out and explore the world for visual content. I am always saying this is the year I am just going to go out weekly and take pictures I can use in my composite library and stop using stock photos but some how never really find the time or perhaps the ambition to do it. This year I have two such outings planned specifically to get my own photo library bursting at the seams. I cannot wait to see what creative art pieces come out of this clinic.

I will be journalling about my trip and my experiences here in the blog so if you want to join me on this journey subscribe. I look forward to having you along with me.

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