2020 what do you have in store….

2019 is gone like a whisper in the wings of time. I’ve reflected some on the past decade, the beginning was certainly a beginning, we moved to a new province and laid some foundations, things were shiny and bright. The last half of the decade stole some key people from our lives, our foundation cracked and crumbled and we had to rebuild. What will 2020 bring for us? I have always loved the romanticized version of the Roaring 20’s, and I hope we are entering in to a new modern version of that. Good times, good lives, good friends, good fortune.

I want to spend more time with my loved ones. I want to see more of the world. I want to strengthen our foundation. Save for the future. Hug my kids more. Love my Sweetie more. Create more Art. Lots more Art. I want to see what ever it is that holds me back, look it in the eyes and face it, move past it and reach my goals. Looking back I feel like I have lost track of what my goals are. I will start this new decade, this new year, with a fresh sheet of paper and start sketching out those goals again. Find myself, love myself more…..all of those things. It’s a lot.

Creatively I feel like I am on fire. So many ideas swimming in my head. I’ve been painting and drawing, which I haven’t done in years….I’m rusty but enjoying the process of relearning. I have some special projects in the works, I want to start entering in competitions again and get my accreditation. Learn new techniques, get better at my craft. Find the way.

One step at a a time….here we go 2020 it’s our time.

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