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Ever find yourself saying “where did the time go” or when you look at your kids and see them growing older before your very eyes mutter the words “slow down already”. I know I do. My oldest, nearly 12 now, hugged me the other day and it felt like adult arms wrapping around me, wait what….slow down already.

From the time my boys were very little I made a point to do a portrait session each year that was just about them, a fine art portrait that showed who they were at the time maybe included a favourite toy or we acted out their favourite movie. We’ve done cowboys, superheros, steampunk, dinosaurs, video game characters. As I look back over the years I can be reminded not only of what they looked like but also what interested them, see what they dreamed about, or special toys they loved that are no longer with us.

People ask me often when is the best time to have a fine art portrait done of their kid(s), and my answer is “as often as possible!” Right? They change so fast. Ideally I would suggest once a year, around their birthday time is a great time, but if yearly is not in the budget then on milestone years, 1, 3, 5, 10, 16, Graduation (this may be the last time you get a chance before they get married) Uhhh I know don’t say those words……

Anytime you find yourself really enjoying a stage they are in, or seeing them discover themselves or becoming really great at their sport or hobby, these are the time to preserve those moments with a portrait, and even better yet with a fine art portrait. I promise you this, you will never tire of looking at that image, it will hang on your wall forever and be enjoyed each and every day. Money well invested.

Fine art portraits are a special way to bond with your child, let them feel special, schedule out some time for just you and them to come to the studio to plan a special portrait just for him or her. Let them put in their input on what to wear and what the theme will be, let them be them…..let the be little forever….oh I know I am getting cheesy and sappy and hopefully tugging a little on your heartstrings because I feel this is such an important thing to do. Portraits of your babies are treasures.

Here is my first fine art portrait of 2019. Owen is a serious little goalie, and he had so much fun showing me all his moves. Kids are so amazing at this age too because they have avid imaginations and can bring to life their character for the camera. I love this image, there are so many layers here that tell Owen’s story.

I would love to tell your child’s story. Who has a birthday coming up next?….Contact me to book a consultation.

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