Tali H. | Fab@40+ Project 2022 | Sherry Penner

Tali has just turned 40, literally days before her session, welcome to the club Tali! Tali has lived in central Alberta for most of her life, she works for a restoration company as a project assistant and when she isn’t working she manages family. She loves to bake and to keep busy. She is married to wonderful man whom she married last year but they have been together for 8+ years, has two children of her own and 3 more with her marriage.

Tali spoke openly about why she chose to join in on this project. She said she was struggling with turning 40, that she felt old and not sure what to expect as she enters in to this next decade of her life. She suffers with endometriosis, has fought a continuous, hard battle with her weight and she wants to celebrate where she is today. She had gastroscopic surgery a few years back which worked for a time but then gradually the weight came back, she is now in a doctor assisted program to reduce and control her weight loss and she has been having a lot of success with it, to date has lost over 50lbs since last summer.

If you have suffered with weight gain and weight loss and weight gain over and over you know how hard it can be on self confidence. A lot of time after a large change in body size we can have a very hard time actually seeing ourselves. To me, having just met her, Tali seems like a very confident and self assured woman. It was really a pleasure to meet you Tali, I am very glad you joined the project and I hope you enjoy seeing how beautiful you are!

Here is Tali.

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