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Something magical begins at 40 (+), an inner confidence begins to grow. It’s when we care (-) about what others think of us and start caring (+) about how we feel about ourselves. It’s the beginning of the next phase of our journey through life. Confidence, wisdom and self love.


Booking now for 2023, spots are limited. Click>>> HERE for more details


fine art boudoir portraits

This series is the next level in boudoir styled portraits. The Undraped Series is a fine art portrait session of artfully done nudes draped only in fabric.


Booking now for those looking for a more intimate portrait session.

More details: click here

fine art portraits for couples

This is a special project to celebrate couples.

When was the last time you had a portrait taken with your Sweetie?

This is an Art Portrait session stylized just for the two of you, spend some moments together and have a wonderful piece of art created to celebrate your love story.


Contact me to book.



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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..[Freebie attached]

portrait photographer central alberta artistic family and boudoir photography

It’s been snowing non stop for the last two days here in Alberta, so much so that the schools are cancelled today and it looks like there is more snow shovelling to do. I am not the biggest lover of winter, I could be if our season was shorter but 8 months of this white...

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