Mya D | Fab@40+ Project 2023 | Sherry Penner Photography

This is Mya, 48 years Fabulous! She is a social worker in domestic violence. She is born and raised in Alberta. She is very spiritual, loves tarot card readings, the moon, photography, and hoar frost. She mentions hoar frost to me because on the day of her session we had hoar frost, the day of Mya’s session was her birthday. Mya tells me that 10 years ago she had a still born birth and went in to labor on her birthday, and for the last 8 years there has been hoar frost on that day, a visit from beyond. Mya has three other children and a grandson.

Mya finds herself in a time where she is reinventing herself. Letting go of toxic situations and people, discovering who she wants to be going forward for this next stage of life. She works in domestic violence, standing up and advocating for others and she never would have expected to find herself in a similar situation but she did and now she is standing up for herself. Finding her own voice and finding Mya.

Mya is a kind and giving person you can see that when you meet her. I can see that she gives all and keeps little for herself. I am a big big believer that you have to give to yourself first, love yourself first, and when your cup is full it will run over for all those you touch. Sometimes loving yourself simply means setting boundaries, but you can’t give from an empty cup. I see Mya is at the beginning of her journey, this photoshoot was a first step to loving herself. I hope she can see just how beautiful she is and absorb it in to her soul.

This is Mya.

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