Lauralee K | Fab@40+ Project 2022 | Sherry Penner

Lauralee is 46. She is originally a farm girl from Saskatchewan and moved out to AB in ’98 and has worked in the oilfield for many years. Last year she started her own web development business, Blackfox Design, and is now taking graphic design courses but has loved her work in the oilfield and says she will always work in that field in some way.

Lauralee likes photography and painting and is on a creative kick, and she loves to travel. Lauralee wanted to join this project because she doesn’t have any pictures of herself. She feels she is a very private person and this project was completely out of her comfort zone, she rarely dresses up but she has been trying to do things that are outside of her comfort zone and experience life in a new way.

I think she had some trouble seeing herself in these photos, and that isn’t unheard of, women often have a hard time really seeing themselves, whether they aren’t used to full makeup or dressing in a glamour style or putting themselves front and centre. Lots of women feel like this is way outside of their comfort zone and I celebrate them for doing it! Lauralee I think you look beautiful, and I am so glad we had this chance to meet.

This is Lauralee.

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