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This is Laura! I was introduced to Laura through our Fab40+ Member Leslie E. (you can read about Leslie’s session here: Leslie)

Laura is a fitness trainer, she has a great online program called Lift with Laura, if you like strength training please check her out. After we met for our consultation I signed up for her 8 week program and we are now on week 6. I love it and I will be joining in on her next one starting in August which is a 12 week program. No matter what you weight loss goals are exercise is a very important part of being healthy. Healthy body, healthy mind, happy life.

Laura has a very bubbly personality, she likes to talk, and is super personable, like you really feel like she is a long time friend after one meeting with her. We talked a lot about body image, and about accepting our selves for who we are. I know when hit the BIG 4-0 that change in my mindset did a complete flip. Before I was always looking at some ideal body and thinking if I work hard enough I could have that body, and inevitably I would fail because that “ideal” body was not my own. I have really come to see that we each have our own body to love and accept, and yes we need to do all the things to take the very best care of it, so we can enjoy living in it. What that looks like is going to be different for us all.

You know we all give ourselves a very hard time about what we should look like, we all look at others and want what they have not knowing what journey it took to get it. Even fitness trainers who teach all these principles fall to the monster that talks in our heads some times, learning to love ourselves and to nurture and respect the body we live in is a big step in self love. I hope you all can find that. I know I am working very hard at it.

Just over a year ago I was about 25 lbs lighter, and I was feeling great about myself. I don’t know exactly what happened, it was a series of stressful life moments and then being shut in our homes for a year. I quit working out, I went back to old eating habits and WHOOPS look my size 8 jeans I spent 3 years working hard to fit in to no longer fit. But what I am not doing is beating myself up for it. I will work hard to develop healthy habits that support the long term goals I have. A year from now I will be lighter and stronger, in mind and body.

This is Laura.

Hair and Makeup: Robyn Lynn Makeup Artistry

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