Don’t bother reading this I just need to vent…

Social media can be a blessing, I guess, I mean I operate most of my business online so I guess social media in that respect is a blessing. And I can vaguely keep in touch with old college friends and distant family and convince myself that I am part of their lives and they are part of mine. I like to think I post positive supportive posts on my own profile mostly about my photography business and the importance of health (more of a personal mission) and hope that my words can bring support or encouragement to others. I am passionate about supporting other small business and specifically women in business in any way that I can. I have even been told that my daily (mostly daily) posts of my goals has inspired others to make and keep their own goals lists. That of course makes me feel really good and keeps me going when I think no one is listening to me anyway and wonder why do I bother with all of this?

I used to live in a bubble. I was not politically inclined, or even very politically educated, I was not interested in the news and believed most of it was propaganda and fear mongering and a waste of space in my head. I had a friend laugh at me for this opinion so I started to think perhaps I was naive and immature and should start opening my mind to what is going on around me in the world. Well I have, over these last few years; I’ve read more, I’ve try to find the facts of the stories that run ramped on social media, I’ve try to see from both sides of the issue before I’ve formed my own opinion. I try to listen more than I speak (this is harder than one would imagine it should be), but to be honest I wish I was back in my bubble.

I want to turn off all the garbage that fills my news feed, so much garbage that I can’t even see the good stuff anymore. Everything I see is one sided, one hateful sided opinion of what ever the newest story is, and people post these one sided opinions in hopes to gather other like minded people together to rally their cause but rarely, if ever to be honest, are any of these online articles actually stating real facts, it is all opinion. I am so very exhausted from it all. My mind is just losing all faith in humanity. I know it’s out there, I know it is even in those individuals that share the garbage and spread the fear and hate, I know it’s in them, yet we seem to think that sharing skewed one sided “news” stories with our peers on social media will somehow change what is really going on out there. Uhhhhh…..I am so exhausted by it all, sadly my bubble of naivety and immaturity won’t let me back inside where it was safe and there was still faith that we as people are not full of hate and misery.

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