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I first met Coralie a couple years ago when she took my Camera Basics class and we became Facebook “friends”, but the kind that actually starts to become a real friendship we kept in touch through each others posts. Last fall I did a Pin Up project and Coralie came to participate in that one and when I announced the theme of this project she jumped on it because this year 2021 Coralie turned the big 4-0! Just in time for her shoot date. Happy Birthday Coralie.

I am so happy she chose to celebrate her journey in to the Fab40 Club with us in this project. Coralie wanted to do something creative but didn’t have any ideas, so we were brainstorming together and I casually mentioned wanting to do something “dark circus”, and she was game. Robyn did an excellent job with hair and makeup to create our circus look,(in fact did 3 makeup looks for Coralie that day), and I created a costume for her, even tho I got so excited to start shooting that I completely forgot I had a skirt for her costume! Oh well, . You will have to wait for her Art Portrait, I’m still working on it, but want to share her glamour portraits, she has such an amazing 50’s vibe going on in them.

Coralie, thank you for trusting my creativity and letting me just kind of go with it. This kind of work feeds my soul and puts me in my happy place. Even tho we have met on mostly a professional level I always feel so at ease and relaxed in your presence like we have known each other for years and I look forward to getting to know you better.

Hair and Makeup Robyn Langevin (Robyn Lynn Makeup Artistry)

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