2020 Series Project: Fearless (MODEL SEARCH)

I am currently working out the details for my 2020 Series Project. The title of the project is: Fearless

This is the first image of the series, it’s called: Who’s the Boss.

This image will give you an idea of where the theme for this series going. I currently have ideas for 4 more Fearless fine art portraits and looking for the right candidate to fit the part. If you have a child that fits the criteria and would like to be part of my 2020 series please see the rules and project descriptions below.

fine art photography, digital photography, red deer alberta and central alberta

Fearless series will be a 12 portrait series depicting kids in fearless situations. Such as the little cowboy above. I am currently looking for 4 more models, all models must want to participate, that is, like to dress up and have the attention span of 30 mins to 1 hour for shooting. You know your child best, obviously young kids may need breaks but if they have a hard time sitting still or become over stimulated easily they may not be suitable for this kind of project until older.

Grizzly Bear Hunter: girl between the ages of 8-14 *position filled

Deep Sea Diver: boy between the ages of 5-8

Flying with the Eagles: boy between 5-8 (must be strong enough to swing from a rope holding on with only one arm)

Tight Rope Walker (circus theme): girl between the ages of 8-14 *position filled

RULES: parents and model must meet with me for a consultation, and help plan out an appropriate costume prior to setting a shoot date. A model release must be signed allowing me to sell the images as fine art prints and use for promotional materials how I see fit.

A reveal of the project will take place at my studio once the project is finished (hopefully by September of 2020). Prints can be purchased at that time.

Shooting for this project will start in January 2020.

How to apply: Message me at sherry@sherrypenner.com with a picture or description of your child, only selected candidates will be contacted for a consultation. Ideally I would like to choose kids who haven’t sat for one of my projects before but that isn’t set in stone depending on how many applicants there are.

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